MBLargest Family owned

Michigan’s Largest Family- Owned Artisan Baking Company

When it comes to making hand−craGed bread, the partnership at MichiganBread.com was
formed in 2010 with a purpose to serve up the most exceptional Detroit, Michigan made breads for

restaurants, hotels, clubs, and the food service industry. From three employees to over one hundred and forty in just a few short years, four partners came together to form MichiganBread.com. Each partner’s role inspired growth for the Taylor, MI based company, which is the largestindependent family−owned commercial artisan bakery in Michigan.

Owner and chief executive oficer, Spiro Assimacopoulos, handles everything in the manufacturing process, operations, baking and finances. His brother and owner Andy, chief operations oficer, runs the account receivable, administration and management divisions.
Mike Sanfilippo, owner and president of sales
and operations is a longtime downriver business man.
Mike manages the clients, sales and marketing
efforts of the company. It is not unusual to see Spiro, Andy and Mike working side−by−side with their employees in the bakery. Just like the company tag line says, “It’s not just bread . . . it’s Family.”

Their father, George Assimacopoulos, the founder of the business, is in the bakery every day ensuring
the methods and ingredients meet his standards for continued quality, just as he did it when the company first started. MichiganBread.com began as distributors for baked bread products, but aGer a short while they created their own artisan bakery because they needed higher quality of bread to compete in the market place.

They currently bake 75% of their own bread products and distribute bread products from other facilities to meet the needs of their customers. Their twenty route trucks service Southeast Michigan with fresh bread daily and also offering frozen bread programs for regional and national distribution.

With their large operation they feel blessed to give back. “We work with area food pantries and Gleaners to make sure any leGover products are able to be used where needed, at no charge,” said Mike Sanfilippo.

MichiganBread.com is always looking for ways to expand in Michigan. The group recently purchased Vitale’s
Bakery to add to their porVolio of quality baked goods.
They will be keeping Vitale’s famous pepperoni rolls
and submarine buns and adding new products under the MichiganBread.com brand.

With millions of dollars invested in bread−making equipment, they still use traditional baking preparations while innovating new processes using state−of−the−art technologies to maintain high quality standards and allowing for quadruple outputs without laying off any personnel.

It is the goal of MichiganBread.com to retain great employees by providing higher wages and 401K benefits as well as promotion from within its diversified staff.
“This will not be a robot bakery, this is about the people and great products,” said CEO Spiro Assimacopoulos. “We are big enough to provide large quantities and small enough for unique artisanal products for clients such as logo−stamped buns and private labels.”

The partners are insistent to use old−fashioned techniques for baking. Along with nutritional value, using only untreated and unbleached flour is of utmost importance. Their fresh breads are truly a higher quality product and available six days a week. MichiganBread.com uses thermal oil ovens along with regular convectional ovens to perfect the processes and has a freezer warehouse for the frozen product line.

MichiganBread.com offers fresh baked breads like brioche slider rolls, english mufins, bread, pretzel buns, ciabatta baguette, onion rolls, Detroit sourdough, and hoagie buns just to mention a few. The complete product line can be seen by visiting their website MichiganBread.com.
MichiganBread.com, along with their board line food distributors, such as Sysco, US Foods,
Al Peake & Sons, Gordon Food Service and Van Eerden Food Services, distribute frozen breads
anywhere in the USA. MichiganBread.com flexible manufacturing capabilities allow them to produce small or large orders as needed.

One of the most unique items MichiganBread.com offers is the ability to literally brand any company logo to the top of their specialty buns. You can see this feature and a video of their bread manufacturing process on their website.

If you’re looking for quality, fresh bread products for your food service business, they offer bread samples
and bread cutting at your location, or you can request a plant tour by filling out the form on their website.

How it all started

George Assimacopoulos started delivering bread in 1973 from his 71 Plymouth Duster. He soon developed
a strong clientele in the downtown Detroit area serving customers with products from a handful of local
bakeries. In the mid 90’s, sons Andy and Spiro joined George to form Assimacopoulos Bakery Distributors Inc.
The business steadily grew, servicing accounts throughout suburban Detroit and continuing to expand its network of supplier bakeries.

By 2003, they established their first warehousing facility and began representing regional baking companies in the Detroit market. In 2006, Assimacopoulos Bakery Distributors Inc. merged operations with Mike Sanfilippo of Supreme Sales & Service to form Assimacopoulos Supreme Baking Co. (ASB).
Mike operated his company since the early 80’s and had a strong hold on the hotel and country club segments of the market. Merging the two companies further diversified the customer base, strengthened delivery capabilities and increased the product offerings. Early in 2010, MichiganBread.com was established to further increase their ability to service their customers. The MichiganBread.com product line is artisan in nature but performs exceedingly well in commercial food service applications. MichiganBread.com is proud to offer the widest variety of fresh, high−quality delivered baked goods available. They are a family−owned company that takes pride in what they do. Their mission is to provide the highest quality products and service available and become a true asset to the businesses they serve.